GSS PattyIt’s amazing what this 5-in-1 survival tool by Gemstar Survival can do.

It has a fire-starter that works by striking the blade-scraper against the fire rod, which even makes big sparks. It also has a compass so you don’t lose your way even when the electric grid goes down. I didn’t unravel the bracelet but, if I did, I would have 13 feet of parachute mil-spec 550 cord, which is not only tough (supposedly with 550-lb breaking strength) but would also be very useful: from something as simple as flossing your teeth or sewing your garment (if you ever get stuck in the outdoors) using its thin strands to setting up a temporary shelter like I’ve seen on YouTube! Its black plastic side-release buckle seems sturdy enough, doesn’t look like it’s going to break anytime soon as I had expected, and easy to open and close. Its 5th component is the whistle that makes a loud, high-pitched sound when blown, which would be good if you ever need to send a signal of distress or for help.

Altogether, a neat and functional product that disguises as a wrist ornament. Very practical to have. Highly recommended buy for men, women and children!

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By Victoria Patrick on July 8, 2016,

GSS AllenI got an attractive box package of Gemstar Survival paracord bracelet 5-in-1 although I think it has all you need in an emergency. Both firesteel rod and striker that doubles as mini knife are tucked away in the buckle, which is even an ingenious idea to create. Just these two features alone could help you survive should you end up in the woods or an isolated road since you’ll have the ability to make fire for heat, protection, and maybe even food if you’re lucky to catch something along the way. With paracord rope, well you can never have enough of them as they’re so handy and plenty of functions that you could work with, not just outdoors but indoors too.

The package says “emergency preparedness survival gear.” Sure hope I won’t have to use it in such scenario but while nobody would want to be in that situation, wouldn’t it give you some peace of mind and perhaps even hope knowing you’ve got something you could use in any eventuality? Just wear it and you feel capable with what little you have. A lightweight bracelet so easy to keep in your bag or pocket but even better on your wrist so you never have to worry or think about it because you just never know when disaster strikes.

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By Allen G. on July 7, 2016,

GSS Moise bThe Paracord Bracelet 5 in 1 is credible. The way this tool works is simply beyond imagination. It has the most important gears that you may need for self-defense or survival, should in case you missed your way or stuck in the forest or when you’re in danger. I’d heard about this awesome tool and had the feel to purchase one and give it a try. I purchased the dark color and put it around my wrist, too easy to use. So, on my wrist I have a whistle that sounds very loud, I can use it to send a signal if I am lost, I have a compass to know where I am or for navigation, I have a little cutter to cut ropes or food and start a fire.

The tool has many useful objects, 5 in 1 as described. It has multiple functions and very informative. At the same time, the cost is affordable; could you only imagine such a wonderful gadget selling for such a low cost? I have just examined a few objects on it and they run great. I extremely recommend this Paracord Bracelet and will tell others who are searching for a tool that will really get along nearly all the work.

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By Moses B. on May 14, 2016,

GSS AnneMarie bThe Gemstar Survival Bracelet gives access to some of the most useful tools needed in a survival situation. Around my wrist, I now have a compass, a little cutter, a whistle, and the standard multiple threaded paracord. All in which have multiple uses that will aid me if I am ever lost or stuck. Being in the army cadet program, I have chosen the green model. In addition to it, there is also the black and the camouflage options, which all have the possibility to blend in amongst the trees and bushes. However, the green is the colour I find is the least noticeable when I am in my combat uniform.

The compass may be used for navigation and expedition. The small cutter can double as a striker, and can be used to cut rope or food and start a fire. The whistle is able to send out a signal. And last but not least, the diverse paracord itself can be used for just about anything your imagination wants. Such as, protecting your food with a bear hang, a fishing line, replacing a shoe lace, putting up an improvised shelter, securing equipment or objects together, for first aid, and many more.

I highly recommend this profound bracelet.

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By Anne-Marie Binda - Master Warrant Officer on March 24, 2016,

Screenshot_2I received a black bracelet sample and was asked to give my opinion after using it at a hiking trip. The packaging was well made and very informative.

The compass and the whistle work well. I tested out the fire flint; takes a while to get used to using it but it does the job. Haven’t had the chance to use the paracord or undo the bracelet yet since I didn’t need to then but it looks sturdy enough to be able to do what it claims. My friends thought it looked cool and to have all these gadgets on your wrist! I was especially happy with the price of the item for the different functions that it has; couldn't find a similiar price range for this kind of product since I'd want to get it for my dad, would definitely recommend if you're looking for something that fits your budget and does the job.

I personally think this bracelet serves its purpose if ever you need to use it repeatedly outdoors and would work in a real survival situation.

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By Mohammad Lajevardi on February 6, 2016,

Hansel and Gretel could haScreenshot_4ve used something like this when their wicked stepmother sent them off into the bush to starve to death. The Gemstar Survival Bracelet almost makes me want to be abandoned in the forest just to be able to try everything it can do.

The Gemstar Survival Bracelet has not only the requisite 7 threads inside its skin, it also has a compass, a whistle and a small cutter that can double as a striker.

I chose the camouflage color because it will “go with everything” but the black and green models are just as attractive.

I hope I never have to use my Gemstar Survival Bracelet in a real-life emergency, but if so, I’ll be able to: lash a lean-to together; have a fishing line; make a snare; floss my teeth; mark a trail with leftover strands; replace a boot lace; make a tourniquet; and most important in the Canadian bush — make a bow fire starter and use some strands as tinder!

If I’m lucky enough to snare food or catch a fish, I can hang the leftovers in a tree to keep it safe from wildlife. I could even make a sling with the Gemstar Survival Bracelet to throw rocks at robbing raccoons or squirrels.

I might suggest — for nosy folks like me who have to take everything apart to see how it works — that the package contain instructions on re-weaving it. Also, I’d like to see a few illustrations on making and using a bow fire starter and/or laying a snare. These instructions would come in handy for those of us who are less forest-wise, like Hansel and Gretel.

Highly recommended.

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By Sherrill Wark on February 8, 2016 ,