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We are a North American outdoor gear / sporting good product resource center focused on offering multi-functional and practical products that meet your needs when it comes to survival essentials. We serve our local community and ship our products worldwide through our online store using the platform.

If you’re new and just beginning to explore our site or survival products, enjoy our videos, read our timely posts, and browse through the goods shown in our Store and available on now.


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How to Survive (and Stop) a Terrorist

You know the world isn’t getting any safer when massive disasters happen to men, women, and children going about their daily business: walking to work, eating at a diner, shopping at a mall, watching a concert, taking public transport, or vacationing. Whether you end up in a group that’s deliberately or randomly targeted, it is […]
By : GemStar | Jun 30, 2018

Unconventional Fire Starters

Preparedness so as to survive an emergency or wilderness survival situation requires skills that must be learned. I’m not talking about prepping for the end of the world, but rather the art of being prepared for any hard times. Everyone should know the essential survival skill of starting a fire, which may be one of […]
By : GemStar | Apr 20, 2018

Survival Skills from Native American Tribes

Survival is not all about knowledge or acquired skills as it is having the right mindset where doubt or fear has no place. There may be no stronger proof of this than simply imagining how ancestors of Native Americans even managed to survive the last Ice Age 25,000 years ago. Living sustainably by protecting every […]
By : GemStar | Apr 5, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting hands-on training with the whole family can be a breeze when conditions are right but doing it in a hostile environment (storm, snow, fire, flood, power outage, explosion, radiation, or at a moment’s notice) will serve the real test to making it or breaking down. As they say in the military: “If it ain’t […]
By : GemStar | Mar 21, 2018

What’s Your Everyday Lifesaver?

There’s never a bad time to prepare. Yet, it’s interesting to think not only about getting one’s bug-out bag all set for that unexpected disaster or emergency situation but how about when you happen to be somewhere far from everything you’ve prepared? What then? Knowing how to react quickly when you only have hours, even […]
By : GemStar | Mar 7, 2018

Five Everyday Paracord Uses

While there are hundreds of ways you can use paracord, it’s good to know its practical uses as an EDC or everyday carry. I typically wear my paracord bracelet since you never know when you’ll need a good measure of cordage in a survival or emergency situation. Though you may not need it any time, […]
By : GemStar | Feb 25, 2018

All about Paracord

As a traveler who likes to dabble with trying new things, I used to go a lot on solo trips, which had been one of the best ways to meet people on the road and make friends: locals and other travelers (most of whom were also traveling alone). I learned a lot of tips from […]
By : GemStar | Feb 16, 2018